At Understory...

We explore how flavours make you feel through chocolate, art, psychology and wellness.

We are a bunch of misfits, poets, scientists and gluttons who blend our favourite flavours and tall tales into tasty treats. To create meaningful art requires knowledge of your chosen medium. We are working to understand and experiment with the science behind food and it’s social relevance so that we can constantly push our work in new directions.

We want to tell stories that can only be told through food. We are constantly uploading videos and articles that document our projects and provide a platform for gastronomic communication.

Our first chocolate bar – Glittermouth- will be released later in the year, where we’ll be exploring the relationship between sound and flavour, focusing on on how music influences flavour perceptions within the brain.

Founded in 2014 by James Wheale, the company won the New Talent Award at the Pervasive Media Studio to develop a prototype Dining Console. Understory was awarded CATIM funding by U.W.E to work collaboratively together on how storytelling affects flavour. In late 2014 Understory was awarded Arts Council funding for an R+D period to develop ‘The Great Chocolate War’ – a storytelling dining experience that utilises our dining console and the world’s rarest chocolate – Fortunato no. 4.